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Climate Change Initiatives In India: Convergence of Actions


Nov. 12, 2017, 1:55 a.m.


For arriving on consensus to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on reducing emissions, Conference of the Parties (COP 21) and Kyoto Protocol (CMP 11) will be held in Paris, France from 30 November to 11 December 2015. In addition to the macro policy framework, the fact remains that there is a pressing need to enhance mitigation initiatives and adaptation responses to address issues in protecting vulnerable from climate change. This calls for a convergence among public and private development agencies who have long been tackling the issue of vulnerability reduction through their respective activities such as disaster risk reduction, mitigation of climate change, environmental management and poverty elevation Climate change is a pressing issue globally and it calls for a strong governing framework which makes the roles and
responsibilities more transparent at every stage. In reality, climate change is here now, and it is as much opportunity as risk for those who are wise enough to adapt early on.

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Provides focused solutions on financing climate change initiatives in India, which are critical for our environment, health and livelihood