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  • What is DCAP?

    The Direct Climate Action Platform (DCAP)

    The Direct Climate Action Platform(DCAP) is an online platform designed for GCF's National Designated Authorities, Direct Access Entities, institutions and individuals to share knowledge, exchange technical expertise and build capacity by linking with potential technical volunteers and consultants that could support institutions in punctual, precise, and short-term tasks.

  • Knowledge Sharing

    The Direct Climate Action Platform (DCAP)

    DCAP aims to enhance the process of knowledge sharing, stimulate learning, raise awareness and facilitate accessibility to various climate change resources. DCAP collects knowledge items generated from structured dialogues, workshops and other knowledge sharing activities by the GCF among other stakeholders.

  • Emerging Patterns

    The Direct Climate Action Platform (DCAP)

    DCAP aims to identifying and documenting best practices and lessons learned for sharing and using the knowledge derived from the countries experiences and to assist other countries in building successful action plans which results in improving the quality of climate projects and programs.