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The DCAP - Direct Climate Action Platform

The DCAP - Direct Climate Action Platform is a global platform for actors and experts from across the world to exchange knowledge, share technical expertise and foster capacity building, with the overall aim to empower local actors and entities to address major knowledge and capacity gaps to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

The platform provides an innovative concept and space for skilled and passionate individuals to volunteer to address climate finance challenges anywhere around the world and share knowledge materials that will serve entities to build their capacities around the globe.

DCAP empowers individuals to assist countries and entities to meet national determined contributions, adaptation plans and develop innovative projects. It provides the space where supply meets demand to brings the paradigm shift that is needed to address one of the greatest challenges of our time.


Allow NDAs/FPs and DAEs to tap into targeted technical support from expert individuals or firms’ volunteers on high demand areas such as: translations, concept note and funding proposal review, modelling, risk assessment, stakeholder consultation, ESS, Gender, monitoring and evaluation, among others;


Expand options to build capacity at national level and support direct access to climate finance;


Broaden the scope of contributors to the global climate action beyond the traditional stakeholders and attract a diversified range of expertise to support climate-related projects;


Contribute towards immediate and rapid solutions through a bottom-up approach that can help expand and scale up collective action to respond to climate change;


Create avenues for people and institutions, to give back and inspire others; create greater awareness to a broader public domain on the climate finance challenge; and leverage resources in an innovative way to potentially motivate behaviour-change;


Demonstrate the ability of the GCF to be an agent of transformation through innovative ways of promoting country ownership, south-south cooperation and paradigm change.